Mugshot Barbershop is a privately owned barber shop celebrating and preserving the classic feel of an old school barbershop, while offering an environment that caters to your modern sensibilities.
Rocklin, Ca
+1 (916) 771-0338

Old school roots. New school look.

You deserve better than a cookie-cutter haircut. Mugshot brings back the craft of barbering with a modern edge while featuring some of the industry’s leading artists.  Come in, relax with a pre-cut draft beer, and experience the Mugshot difference.


Get your Mug right with the perfect cut for your look and style! Faded, blended, clipped, or scissored, you will quickly see the Mugshot difference.


Beards are cool, but sometimes they need a little…um…taming. Our artists can clean it up just right for you, and can even recommend some tips for you to keep it right!


If you are paying $1/month for your razors, do your Mug a favor and get a legit, professional, straight razor shave by your licensed barber. Your face (and your girl) will thank you.

Partake in a complimentary beer, fresh from the tap, while waiting to be called up to the chair.