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All About the Shears

All About the Shears Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento

All About the Shears

All About the Shears

Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento



Shears are arguably the most important tool for a barber. Choosing the right shears is a lengthy process and understanding how to use them properly can be even more difficult. If you are a barber in training or are just starting off your barbering career, below are some pointers on what you need to know about barbering shears. 


One size fits all does not apply. All barbers have different sized hands, different hand grips, and different comfort levels so assuming one size fits all would be a rookie mistake. Take time to make sure you are comfortable in the shears you use. Test them before you commit. They should have a natural feel when you use them and they should follow your hands, not the other way around. Using the wrong shears can lead to health issues like discomfort, arm/shoulder pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. If there is one piece of advice every new barber should take into consideration when looking at shears, it would be to choose the pair that suits YOU. 


It is also important to do your research before paying big money for shears. For example, some of the best shears in the market right now are Japanese. Made with Japanese steel, some argue that these are the best. But beware of the websites and businesses that are out to con you. Some companies will print wording on their products like “Hitachi Steel” which is produced in Japan but made with cheap stainless steel material. To avoid problems like these, do your shear research properly, try them out before buying, and you can always talk to professional and licensed barbers for advice about trusted brands.


To wrap up, we will give you our opinion of the best hair cutting shears for barbers. At Mugshot you will find a lot of these brands and styles so if you are interested in the different varieties please ask us! 

Cricket Roc-it Dog Rs 550:

Swivel handle feature that saves you from overexerting your shoulder 

Relatively low price

Shark Fin Rainbow: 

Crane grip and swivel

Focus on ergonomics and high quality

Lifetime warranty

Kamisori Black Diamond:

Crane handle 

Convex blade with an impressively sharp edge

Removable finger rest


For more information on shears give us a call or visit us at our location!