Mugshot Barbershop is a privately owned barber shop celebrating and preserving the classic feel of an old school barbershop, while offering an environment that caters to your modern sensibilities.
Rocklin, Ca
+1 (916) 771-0338

Barber Shop Haircut Roseville

Barber Shop Haircut Roseville

Barber Shop Haircut Roseville

Barber Shop Haircut Roseville

Barber Shop Haircut Roseville Art & Technique

When you do what you love you turn it into an art.  It’s just in the nature of the game.  How you work with people, how you express your techniques — It is that kind of thoughtfulness and energy we apply to providing mens haircuts in Roseville.  

We don’t think of cuts as a cookie-cutter, we think of each man that walks into our shop as an individual and want to use our knowledge and techniques to make sure they leave feeling like them best selves–sharp, stylish, comfortable.  All of the above.

How we do it isn’t simple, but its natural.  It’s because our barbers love their craft and spend hours honing it so they can give every client exactly what they want.  We do cuts, trims, fades, lines, beard trims, and close shaves.  The services that we can provide won’t ever be limited limited because we are relentless at being the best barbershop providing men’s haircuts in Roseville.  Our work is our passion and passion makes it an art.  We are the old barbershop feel with a new look and a fresh, exciting way of getting the job done.

It’s the holiday season and there’s a lot going on.  We know that and will take appointments to get you in and get you on your way.  Of course, we accept walk-ins too, because sometimes you find the time for yourself and you need a dedicated barber available to get you fixed up, looking good, then back into the world.  Mens haircuts in Roseville have changed, and its cause the Mugshot is now here.  Visit us at 1210 Roseville Pkwy Ste 110 in Roseville, CA, or give us a call at (916) 771-0338 to make your appointment today.

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