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Caring for Shears

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Caring for Shears

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If you are a barber, you know the importance of caring for your tools. It is simply part of the profession. Proper usage, routine maintenance, and sanitation is all part of caring for your tools.  Today we will be going over how to properly care for your shears. Properly caring for your shears will lead to a longer tool life and better performance. Follow these guidelines for advice on how care for your shears. 

First and foremost, to make sure your shears last as long as possible do not cut these things with your shears. Do not cut paper, nylon, plastic, or other materials. Shears are designed to cut hair, not things that a pair of scissors are supposed to cut. Do not make this mistake as you will only damage your shears. Yes, shears are designed to cut hair but make sure that you are not cutting hair that has treatment or product in it, such as perm solution or hairspray. Before using your shears on a client, make sure their hair is free from any treatments or products by simply washing/cleaning it out. 

Caring for your shears also includes performing routine maintenance. Check the tension periodically, specifically, before you use them on a client. Do not just leave your shears laying around. Store them in the closed position in the case. This will prevent the risk of them getting damaged from other tools with sharp blades. Lastly, each week you will want to place a drop of oil on a blade and then close and open the shears several times. This is to keep them sharp and clean. 

The last thing you should do to keep your shears in the best condition possible is to keep them sanitized. There are many ways to clean your shears. All we ask is that you choose one that works for you and do it on a regular basis. You can use a heated sanitizer for cleaning. You can clean with Clippercide spray. You can use Barbicide by pouring 2oz of Barbicide concentrate into a 32oz cup of cold water, then simply make sure implements and surface stays moist for 10 minutes. 

Caring for your shears is an essential part of being a great barber. By properly caring for your shears they will last much longer, and they will perform the way you want them to. For more information on barbering tool care, contact Mugshot Barbershop!