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Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento



When it comes to men’s hair styles, there is a perception that because their hair tends to be shorter it requires less care and attention. Wrong. Hair care for men is just as important as hair care for women. Taking care of your hair is part of personal hygiene, so treat it like you would your teeth, skin, and body. Your hair, no matter how short deserves proper treatment. If you’re a guy looking for some pointers on how to start caring for your hair, look no further than what we have outlined here!

First, wash your hair with quality products. Guys tend to buy the cheapest and lowest-quality products because, let’s face it, it gets the job done. However, your choice can have long lasting effects. Cheap shampoo often has toxins and chemicals that can do serious damage to your head and your hair. Try to use shampoo that is composed of natural ingredients and doing that alone will lead to healthier hair.

A strongly recommended shampoo across the barbering industry is clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo pulls out all the dirt and dead skin that has built up and retains your shiny hair. Washing your hair once a day with clarifying shampoo is more than enough and will translate into healthier, stronger, and better looking hair.

Secondly, when you dry your hair with a towel don’t rub it. Dry your hair gently because when your hair is wet it is weaker and vulnerable to damages. Avoid rubbing your hair aggressively right after the shower because it can lead to excessive breakage. Instead of rubbing your hair, try patting it until dry. Your hair will thank you later.   

Last but not least, try to limit your hair’s exposure to too much heat. Avoid using hair dryers to speed up drying from water or gel. Enjoy some sun, but don’t have the sun rays beating down on your hair for too long. Too much heat can lead to the stripping of essential oils from your hair and scalp which leads to dryness. Too much heat from the sun can damage your scalp just as it would your arms and legs. Stay away from too much heat and you and your hair will be in much better condition.

Hair is one of the most neglected parts of a man’s body. It deserves treatment and care in order to stay healthy. Follow these tips and you are promised to have healthier hair in the near future. For more information on men’s hair treatment, visit our expert staff at Mugshot.

Healthy Hair

Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento


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