Mugshot Barbershop is a privately owned barber shop celebrating and preserving the classic feel of an old school barbershop, while offering an environment that caters to your modern sensibilities.
Rocklin, Ca
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Lifetime Barbershop


Lifetime Barbershop

Lifetime Barbershop 

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Choosing the right barbershop can be a challenge. Every shop has different barbers with different levels of knowledge and skillsets. Every shop has a different level of comfort. Quite simply, each shop is unique in their own way. Because every shop is so different, finding the right one for you might be hard. That being said, our goal at Mugshot is to welcome everyone as we want to be your barbers for life. Here is our promise to all of our valued customers and reasons why Mugshot is the perfect lifetime barbershop for you. 

At Mugshot you’ll get barbers that possess and utilize their extensive hair knowledge and skillset. Mugshot barbers are professional through and through. They are knowledgeable about cutting hair and anything related to the profession of barbering. Our barbers will use their knowledge to make wise decisions and judgements when cutting your hair. For example, our barbers won’t automatically comply with your request. If you request a bad haircut/style, and they believe an alternative haircut/style will look better, they won’t be afraid to speak up and point you in the right direction. 

Similarly, at Mugshot we also pride ourselves in how clean we keep our tools and working area. We want you to be comfortable. The last thing you want is to walk into a shop that is dirty, unorganized, and uncomfortable. You also probably don’t want your barber using unsanitized tools, right? At Mugshot, keeping our area and tools clean is a standard. We go beyond state sanitation laws and regulations. Our barbers disinfect all of their tools after each use. Our barbers sweep up after each haircut. Our barbers wash their hands frequently. Our barbers regularly change their linens. Cleanliness is a huge part of our service and our goal is to make you feel clean and comfortable every time you give us a visit. 

Lastly, Mugshot is the lifetime barbershop for you because our environment is fun. Full of conversations and laughter, our shop is more than just a place to get your haircut. It’s a place where you can make memories and bond with a great team of skilled barbers. Most of our clients are regulars because they get a perfect haircut and an experience that makes them want to come back. Our barbers have personality, character, and enjoy being around people. Come to Mugshot and you won’t want to get your haircut anywhere else. 

Mugshot is the perfect barbershop no matter who you are. We can give you your perfect haircut. You’ll be in a clean environment. You’ll love interacting with our friendly staff. If you are searching for your go-to lifetime barbershop, come to Mugshot!