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Selecting A Style You Actually Like

Selecting the best barber in roseville

Selecting A Style You Actually Like

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Seeing yourself after a new haircut should make you feel invigorated. Whether you got a haircut for a birthday, new job, or vacation, there’s no doubt that you should feel cool and confident as soon as you get up from your barber’s chair. However, to get to that point, you need to make sure you’re selecting a style that you’ll actually like. Before coming to a final decision, here are some tips you should consider before selecting your hairstyle. 

Get inspiration from platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and TV. Do your homework and go to your barber with an idea of how you want your hair to look. Come with pictures as this is a great way for your barber to get an idea of what’s going through your head. Whether it’s a celebrity, professional athlete, or your buddy from college, going into your haircut appointment with a picture and/or an idea of what you want will lead to the best outcome. 

During your hairstyle search process, consider not only your face shape, but your body shape as well. Sure, no two faces are the same, but most faces are either oval, long, square, or round. But body shape is drastically different from person to person. Because of this, when you’re looking for inspiration, look for people who have the same body shape as you. Do this and your barber will be better able to balance your body structure with your hairstyle. Consider you body shape when selecting a hairstyle and you’ll be in a much better position for a perfect cut. 

Once you have a hairstyle idea, we recommend that you hear out your barber’s suggestions, but hold your ground. Remember that barbers are professionals and they can suggest what style will look best on you based on your preferences and lifestyle. But don’t feel obligated to agree. It’s totally fine to stick with what you had in mind, but it never hurts to get input from a second set of eyes, right? Hear you barber out but don’t feel any pressure to take his/her advice. 

To feel great and to feel like a better you, select a hairstyle you actually like by doing your homework, taking your body shape into consideration, and consulting with your barber. For more information on hairstyle tips, visit Mugshot Barbershop.