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St. Patty’s Day Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville

Barber History Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento

St. Patty’s Day Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville

St. Patty’s Day

Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento




With winter coming to a close, spring is on the horizon. The cold and rainy months are behind us and the weather is now beginning to invite us out into the sun. One of the most celebrated days during the early spring is St. Patty’s Day. A day full of beer and beards is almost a requirement as there is no other way to celebrate. If you are just as excited for this St. Patty’s Day as we are, below are some beard types that you might want to rock on March 17th.

The Chinstrap:

The Chinstrap is one of the trendier styles that is found almost everywhere nowadays. This beard covers only the marginal part of the chin. A mustache is optional depending on your preferred look. The Chinstrap looks best on square or rectangular face shapes with a wide chin. In order to pull off this beard we recommend keeping the rest of your cheeks free of hair. For St. Patty’s Day, growing the Chinstrap out as long as possible is the only way to do it.                               

The Muttonchop:

Ever seen X-men? If you have then you know exactly what the Muttonchop looks like. If you are looking for something exciting and crazy for St. Patty’s Day this is definitely one you may want to consider. The Muttonchop includes special use of your sideburns. Grow your sideburns long to the beard prolonging to the corner of the lips and down the cheeks. Then, shave off all of the front facing hair on the chin. This is an awesome beard type to pull off for St. Patty’s Day. The Muttonchop looks best on oval and inverted triangular face shapes.

The Amish:

If you have the ability to grow a full beard really quickly and want to show it off, try out the Amish beard. This beard type is a variant of a full beard. All you have to do is grow your beard as long as possible. However, to properly pull of this beard type, a mustache is prohibited. The Amish might lead to an unkept look but that is okay. To clean it up a bit you can use beard oil to help the craziness. A big beard on St. Patty’s Day is definitely something that will impress.

For this St. Patty’s Day, make sure you have the nicest looking yet most unique beard at the party. Do not be afraid to show off your facial hair. For more information on beard types, visit our blog or come in and give us a visit.

St. Patty’s Day
Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento