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Textured Hair Trend

Textured Hair Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento

Textured Hair Trend

Textured Hair Trend

Mugshot Barber Shop Roseville Lincoln Rocklin Granite Bay Sacramento



One of the hottest trends this year for men’s haircuts have been textured hair. This particular men’s haircut style can be interpreted in various ways, but for our sake we define it as adding definition and separation to your hair so you can create different lengths and/or layers within it. The textured hair style looks messy and unstructured compared to other hair styles but if done correctly, can give you a look that is sexy and trendy. Below are three descriptions of specific textured hair styles. 

Textured Skin Fade: This specific textured hair style is great if you want a little bit of long hair and a little bit of short hair. A skin fade is achieved by cutting hair shorter and shorter as it moves towards the neck. Pair this with a full head of textured hair towards the top and you’ll be part of one of the hottest trends out there. The combination of shaved sides with a full head of textured hair complement each other nicely and it’s very easy to take care of. 

Textured Curls: Just because you already have curly hair, which has a naturally messy look, doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your hair even more. Curls look great with wavy texture accentuated as well. With more volume you have the ability to brush it up or keep it left flying on the side. Curly-haired gentlemen benefit the most from adding texture because it makes their hair more prominent and noticeable. 

Textured Wave: This textured hair style builds up the volume of your hair in a wavy style that comes up almost effortlessly. For this hair style, texture is used to create a unique contrast and inspire movement of the upper half of your head. The textured wave is best for straight-haired gentlemen who are looking for a messy and flowy appearance. 

If you’re looking for a new trendy look, ask for a textured hair style and you’ll be surprised at how well you can pull it off. To find more information or answers to any of your haircut questions, visit us at Mugshot or stay updated here on our blog.